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The word brings about many thoughts to minds of the entrepreneur: no boss, work-from-home, control of your own schedule, extra income, more time with family, etc. These adjectives are the thoughts that come to mind for the entrepreneur.

For those observing the process, other descriptions are more likely: hobby, just for fun, not a real job, side work, etc.

Interesting that there is a difference in perception, but here it the truth:


For the last few months, my husband and I began an adventure that has brought on highs and lows of being your own boss.

The Highs

I love starting something new. The excitement of new beginnings, creativity, and building something from nothing. It brings a rush of adrenaline that gets me out of bed and keeps me running till late at night. It is fun and exciting and full of potential. Most entrepreneurs love this part, but the lows can knock you to your knees.

The Lows

Once your foundation is set, you begin to promote, market, and/or launch your brand and/or product. Not everyone is going to like you, your product, or what you offer. Negative comments can cause you to question your purpose. Sometimes you feel like you are swimming against the current and you want to give up. No one responds to emails, your products, your promotions. You question if you are even capable of being an entrepreneur.

We forget that successful entrepreneurs struggled, too.

We are viewing them at the top of their mountain, forgetting they had to make the climb as well.  There is no fast-track to the top. It takes one step at a time, climbing day-after-day. Sure we wish we could be standing there alongside them, but where is the victory without the struggle.

I often tell my children that they have to get through the bad to get to the good. To do that they have to persist, learn and grow from every experience. I can give them that knowledge because I have climbed that mountain. Entrepreneurship is another mountain to climb and in order to conquer it, I must persist, learn, and grow from the highs and lows I encounter.

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